Audio is permitted only if it is user-initiated, with a clearly visible on/off button. The same action to stop and play audio (click to start, click to stop) is required. On/off feature must be clearly visible at all times, with a minimum font size of 10 points.


  • Advertisement autoplay without audio is acceptable. The video may include audio only if the audio portion is user-initiated. The user must be able to clearly see how to turn off the audio.
  • Advertisement animations are unlimited; a 30 second maximum is recommended. Audio is permitted only if it is user-initatied.
  • Advertisement looping is unlimited, however, a three loop maximum recommended.

Third Party Ad Serving

We accept ad tags from most recognized third party vendors, including AtlasDMT and DART. Tags from other providers may require more lead time for set up and trafficking. AtlasDMT tags should be sent to Intermarkets via a *.txt file.

Trafficking Procedures

Please send all creatives, ad codes, landing page URLs and other relevant advertisement files to [email protected] Normal trafficking lead time for standard ad types is three business days; We are generally able to traffic on the same day the ad materials are received in rush circumstances.

Accepted File Types

Third Party Ad Tags

Ad Content Limitations

  • No ads or links containing nudity
  • No ads or links containing bodily functions
  • No ads or links containing attacks on religion or religious figures
  • No ads or links showing or condoning illegal actions
  • No ads or links containing differently-abled people
  • Violence in ads or links must be self-inflicted, cannot lead to death and the person’s wellbeing must be evident in the clip
  • The use of Courier font is prohibited in ad creative that is all text

Standard Ad Specifics

Max Size
728X90 50K
300×250 50K
160×600 50K
120×600 50K