Your Digital Advertising Strategy

Whether you’re new to the political process or a seasoned campaign veteran, Intermarkets works with you through every step of your digital advertising campaign.

Target Voters—Old and New

To win your campaign, vote, or issue battle, you need your base and new supporters.

We provide advertising solutions designed for a specific share of voice, market saturation, or other campaign goal.

We can micro-target your advertising campaigns to specific voter groups using behavioral, psychographic, and demographic profiles custom-tailored to match your specifications. We can also discover “look-alike” voters to help you expand your supporter base.

With access to the most comprehensive voter databases in the country, we can find voter subsets by:

• Party affiliation
• Propensity to vote
• Charitable or political contribution history
• Geographic location
• Gender
• Ethnicity
• Age
• Education level
• Income
• And more!

Once we’ve found your intended audience, utilize our extensive advertising technology to win over new supporters. We provide a variety of digital tools that heighten engagement and persuasion, including rich media and expandable ad units.

No matter the location, the right digital ad units will set your campaign apart.

▪ Display Ads: banner, rich media, interactive units, social media sites
▪ Video: pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, in-banner video
▪ Mobile: in-app and mobile browser
▪ Email: opt-in lists and e-newsletters

Media Planning and Buying

We specialize in providing one-stop-shop buying and planning services across the Web for our clients. Our combination of industry expertise, relationships with ad teams across the country, and pioneering technologies allow us to create and execute a strategic media plan on a national or local level. Our universal approach maximizes your results with the greatest efficiency.

Get Out the Vote (GOTV)

In the final days and hours of a campaign, Get Out The Vote operations are essential.

Our experience has proved vital for campaigns facing early voting, tight absentee voting deadlines, and special elections. Your GOTV efforts need your supporters to not only vote, but to help others get to the polls.

Combine digital advertising with email marketing to reach more people than ever before in these critical last hours. We can also work with you to lock out your competition online by securing roadblocks and page takeovers on key websites during your race to election victory.

With our reach and targeting capabilities, you’ll be in front of your most important audience, at exactly the right time.