Your Digital Advertising Strategy

Whether you’re new to the political process or a seasoned campaign veteran, Intermarkets works with you through every step of your digital¬†fundraising and email marketing campaign.


The lifeblood of any campaign is the steady infusion of cash to continue operations. We can help you succeed with national or local online fundraising strategies for your campaign, cause, or organization.

Digital marketing provides you with a cost-effective method for reaching supporters for your fundraising efforts. Our real-time market intelligence enables us to efficiently buy online inventory across the Intermarkets Portfolio, our preferred audience extension sites, or across the Web (including social media sites). We’ll then use our fundraising optimization tools, including advanced targeting and real-time campaign optimization, to maximize your return on investment.

We’ve helped our clients raise millions of dollars using our expert knowledge of digital advertising and a sophisticated targeting system to determine the audience segment that will generate maximum performance for your advertising campaign. We also keep an eye on the bottom line by minimizing costs through a combination of 24/7 campaign optimization tools and real-time bidding tactics and strategies.

We’re also frequently involved with campaign “money-bombs,” a popular technique to raise a large amount of money in a short time frame. This can provide your campaign a quick, sizable cash infusion while gaining free media as a noteworthy event.

Email Marketing

We offer exclusive access to some of the most responsive and active opt-in email lists in the political category. These lists are an effective way to target your message to hundreds of thousands of educated and affluent people, who are hungry for information, and engaged with the news that’s delivered to their inbox. Our email brokerage service enables you to access other email lists with millions of subscribers, including voter file data.