Campaign Services

Our vast digital advertising expertise enables us to create successful, custom-tailored advertising campaigns to accomplish your political communication goals. Having served brand name advertisers and top advertising agencies for over 15 years, we understand the ins and outs of digital advertising, and we know what works.


We provide national and local fundraising strategies for campaigns and causes. In fact, we've helped our clients raise millions of dollars using our expert knowledge of digital advertising and a sophisticated targeting system to determine the audience segment that will generate maximum performance for your advertising campaign. We also keep an eye on the bottom line by minimizing costs through a combination of 24/7 campaign optimization tools and real-time bidding tactics and strategies.

Email Marketing

We provide email marketing strategies to bolster digital campaigns. Our solutions include exclusive access to some of the most responsive and active opt-in email and e-newsletter lists. We also offer a robust email brokerage service, which provides you unrivaled access to other email lists with millions of subscribers, including voter files.