Campaign Services

Our vast digital advertising expertise enables us to create successful, custom-tailored advertising campaigns to accomplish your political communication goals. Having served brand name advertisers and top advertising agencies for over 15 years, we understand the ins and outs of digital advertising, and we know what works.

Premium Online Advertising

We exclusively manage the advertising across the Intermarkets Portfolio, delivering more than three billion ad impressions and reaching over 28 million unique visitors every month. Our Portfolio, including the iconic Drudge Report, includes reputable, highly visited, and influential websites. Read daily by the media, politicians, and thought leaders, our Portfolio websites provide breaking news and critical information to people who make decisions.

Audience Targeting with Aristotle

Reach over 90% of online Americans today. Or, with precision targeting, just speak to the ones who really matter to you.

Our Audience Targeting Platform can target specific audiences using demographic, contextual, and behavioral data pulled from Aristotle's Voter File and combined with online-specific information. We can target specific audience subsets while discovering "look-alike" voters based on geography, demographics, and behavioral patterns, to help you expand your supporter base beyond your existing voter file.

How We Reach Your Right Market. Every Day.

No matter the location, the right digital ad units will set your campaign apart.

  • Display Ads: banner, rich media, interactive units, social media sites
  • Video: pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, in-banner video
  • Mobile: in-app and mobile browser
  • Email: opt-in lists and e-newsletters

Media Planning and Buying

We specialize in providing one-stop-shop buying and planning services across the Web for our clients. Our combination of industry expertise, relationships with ad teams across the country, and pioneering technologies allow us to create and execute a strategic media plan on a national or local level. Our universal approach maximizes your results with the greatest efficiency.