Intermarkets Precision Targeting with Aristotle’s National Voter File

As the largest collection of voter information in the United States, Aristotle’s National Voter File has long been considered the industry standard for targeted messaging offline. With the help of Lotame’s Unifying DMP, Crowd Control, we’ve brought Aristotle’s immense data warehouse online so you can micro-target ads using the Intermarkets Audience Targeting Platform. With access to more specific voter segments, you can tailor your persuasive messaging to convert readers into donors, volunteers, and voters.

“Our mission at Aristotle has always been to provide a broad range of information, technology, and services on a non-partisan basis, to facilitate the democratic process,” said Aristotle CEO John Aristotle Phillips. “This level of sophistication will raise the bar in politics and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of the innovation with Intermarkets.”

Reach the Folks that Others Can’t

With over 500 demographic and behavioral attributes within Aristotle’s database, you can reach distinctive subsets like:

  • States or congressional districts
  • Democrats only, Republicans only, Independents only, or any combination
  • More than one million FatCat™ contributors to state campaigns
  • Contributors to religious, animal rights, environmental organizations and other issue-oriented organizations in your state
  • SuperVoters™ who vote in primaries in your state or district
  • Target Facebook users based on their voting histories (New!)

Make Your Campaign Dollars Work Harder

To enhance your campaign results, Intermarkets offers a transparent CPM pricing model that clearly discloses the cost of the underlying media. Other online advertising services buy this inventory and then mark it up by 400% or more.  Intermarkets shows you exactly what the media costs are and passes the savings onto you.

Big Data Means Bigger Results. Maximize Your Campaign Today!

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