Ad Serving, Reporting, and Revenues

For Intermarkets Portfolio publishers, we deliver a complete advertising sales solution. We provide you with ad server tags, and then we manage and optimize the sales of 100% of your advertising inventory. We also provide both buyer-side and seller-side reporting, as well as administer all of the financial and accounting operations for your advertising sales.

Ad Serving

Using our state of the art ad server, our highly skilled traffickers are dedicated to providing you with seamlessly optimized ad delivery and detailed reporting every day. Our ad serving technology is constantly working to balance and optimize your site’s ad rotation, maximizing your revenues. Our ad server technology also allows us to easily deliver all of today’s most sophisticated ad units without any client-side implementation; meaning you won’t have to lift a finger, just receive a paycheck.

It’s not just our ad server that sets us apart, it’s our people. Our experienced and friendly Publisher Services and Ad Operations teams constantly monitor your site’s ad quality and appropriateness. This continuous monitoring by our knowledgeable ad quality specialists, ensure that your brand, audience, and site receive the highest level of protection and quality.

Unified Zero Risk Accounting

We manage all of the back office accounting and administration. You drive the traffic, we deliver the ads. It’s that simple. You won’t have to deal with trying to gather payments from advertisers, agencies, or networks ever again. You’ll collect directly from us in a single, unified monthly payment. We also assume all credit risk, so you’ll get paid on time, every time.