Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is an advertising sales management firm?

Intermarkets, Inc. is a unique service provider for publishers. We manage all aspects of online publishers’ advertising sales, including:

  • Promoting and selling advertising inventory
  • Monitoring and managing ad traffic
  • Optimizing campaigns and maximizing results
  • Providing customized reports for both publishers and advertisers

How does Intermarkets differ from “rep” firms?

We manage advertising sales exclusively for publishers in our portfolio, as opposed to being a media buyer for advertisers or advertising agencies. The differences may seem minor, but for publishers, the differences are substantial.

What are the differences?

First, Intermarkets focuses on maximizing results for the publishers with whom we work. Our primary goal is to fill all the available advertising space for a publisher through direct placement. We also take care of the “leg work” and all administrative tasks that are required to maximize results for publishers.

We believe that the interests of publishers are best served by an advertising sales management firm whose primary responsibility is to maximize results for publishers.

What are the minimum requirements to becoming a publisher with Intermarkets?

Our minimum requirements for considering new publishers is that your website needs to have at least 75% U.S. traffic and three million monthly page views available for advertising placements.

What does a publisher need to do to join the Intermarkets Portfolio?

After reviewing our site and if your website meets our minimum requirements listed above, please contact us. Be sure to include your publisher website, monthly page views, any other traffic information, and how we can reach you. We’ll review your information and get back to you. If you become a publisher, after reviewing and agreeing to our Standard Agreement, we’ll send you short code to put on your Web pages. Then, we’ll send you a check every month for the ad sales we’ve made for your site. Unless there are unusual circumstances, the ad codes will not change. And, the ad inventory is always filled with paying ads. Literally, that’s all there is to it. You don’t have to get bogged down dealing with setting up campaigns, collecting payments, reviewing links, or providing reports. We do it all. And we pay you for it!

What types of ad placements can Intermarkets run for me?

Depending on the layout and capabilities of your Website, we can monetize your site with IAB Universal and Rising Star display units, mobile, video, and custom ad units. If you also have an email list, we can fill display ad units and provide sponsorship dedicated emails.

Where is Intermarkets located?

Our headquarters is located in the heart of beautiful Reston, Virginia, about 20 miles Southwest of Washington, D.C., convenient to Dulles International Airport. Reston is in the North central region of Fairfax County, Virginia, home to Google, comScore, Inc., and TeraThink. We are also adjacent to the Dulles Technology Corridor as well as Tysons Corner, both of which are major commercial and technology centers, with headquarters for many firms such as AOL Time Warner, Accenture, and Mars Incorporated.