New Publisher Requirements & Guidelines

At Intermarkets, we continuously strive to create the best opportunities for our publishers and advertisers. Maintaining and attracting reputable and high-quality advertisers is necessary to keep our publishers and their wallets happy. Unfortunately, this means occasionally having to turn away applicants that aren’t a good fit. To find out if your site is a good match, please review the minimum requirements below.

Insider Tip

Rules were meant to be broken, and we will consider every site, even if it doesn’t meet all of the requirements. The only rule we can’t break is the one about porn, illegal activity or inappropriate content; we have our families to consider.

Minimum Requirements

  • More than three million monthly page views available for advertising
  • More than 75% U.S. traffic
  • U.S.-based publisher
  • Established or recognized brand or personality
  • Quality content with little or no un-moderated user-generated content
  • Conforms with Internet Advertising Bureau privacy standards
  • Does not include material that is considered pornographic and illegal, or is otherwise considered inappropriate by Intermarkets
  • Site conforms with our privacy policy

For more information or to join the Intermarkets Portfolio, please call us at 703.242.7878 or