We’re a privately-funded company focused on helping digital publishing brands be successful. Our publishing partners trust us to deliver the level of support they need and deserve. Our team of dedicated humans manage a technology-powered setup that plugs marketers directly into our premium inventory. In a heavily automated industry it’s so important to have the right partner; one who you can trust is working for you.


Our Mission

Our commitment to the sharing of news and information is demonstrated through decades of working for publishers, helping them build successful businesses that generate revenue through the creation of engaging, quality content. Intermarkets is unlike other services because we are privately-funded and focused on maintaining an optimal number of sites in our portfolio.

We are not only committed to our publishers and advertising partners but also our staff. As a company, our “POETIC” principles and emphasis on a collaborative, fun office culture help to drive the level of service and satisfaction our clients expect.

Our extensive knowledge of the online environment has helped our clients achieve their targeted return on investment. This knowledge is our key competitive advantage that we deliver to each and every one of our clients.

Career Opportunities

Intermarkets is committed to hiring smart, caring people and providing a positive, optimistic, and innovative environment that enables our employees to do their best work. In turn, our clients get the highest level of attention to their needs and goals. Plus, it makes Intermarkets a fun place to work—and an enjoyable company with which to do business.